Best Programming Languages 2022

Programming languages are computer languages used to communicate with computers to develop desktop applications, websites and mobile applications. Here are the Best Programming Languages for 2022 that are most popular.

JavaScript – Javascript is the king of programming having a wide variety of libraries and frameworks for development. Angular, Vue js, and React for front end development while Node js is very flexible framework for back-end.

Java – Java is probably the language that most people have learned in college or in school for application development.It  has wide variety of libraries and frameworks. Also high demand in the field of analytics and research.

Python – Python is suitable for almost everything.Currently, Python is huge popular among both the researcher as well as the developers. It has large support for Data Science and Machine Learning , probably the best language for Machine Learning.

Golang – Golang is used for developing robust software , also used for web and mobile applications. It is a fast growing language for web.

For Python Programming , you can follow Python Installation Guide.

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