A good VPN extension encrypts the browser traffic , prevents hacking your personal data like passwords, IP address, and more. Below we have created a list of best VPN extensions for Chrome that offer safe online browsing.

1. HotSpot Shield –

When you open this extension it automatically picks the fastest server based on your location and you will be connected immediately. It has free trial option and runs very fast.

2. Private Internet Access –

This VPN extension prevents third-party cookies , flash , credit card auto-filling , also take care of blocking your location from websites as well as camera or microphone access.

3. ExpressVPN –

Activating ExpressVPN will give you full protection not just browser traffic, but your whole device. You will get WebRTC blocking and location spoofing.

4. Windscribe –

If you are looking for a free VPN , Windscribe is a great choice with tons blocking features, covering ads, WebRTC, website notifications , time zone spoofing and advanced cookie controls .

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