In this article ,we will talk about Educational Blogs you should follow. To start a blog , follow Start Blogging.

Below is the list of some Educational Blogs with some description –

1. Moonshot Jr


Description – This Program offers students (ages 8-15) a great learning experience. It provides technical (Web , Game , App Development) skills and entrepreneurial skills.

2. Edutopia


Description – This program was founded by award-winning filmmaker George Lucas in 1991 to help all students to learn and apply their knowledge and skills in effective ways.

3. TeacherTube


Description – This video sharing website was launched in March 2007 by Adam Smith and Jason Smith to provide anytime, anywhere professional development service by anyone , its free.

4. Classroom 2.0


Description – It is a free, community-supported social network for learners , here you can participate in technology based discussions according to your interest.

5. MindShift


Description – MindShift is a service launched in 2010 by KQED and NPR. It is a unique platform for audience of educators, parents and learners.

6. TechThought


Description – TechThought was founded in 2012 to innovate education through new possibilities in teaching and learning. Also provided professional development to institutes.

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