Python offers numerous options that makes its presence in every emerging field. Python application areas is an important topic to discuss as it is the fastest-growing programming language and capable of developing any application.

Python Application Areas –

1. Web Development – Python offers numerous options for web development.We have Django, Pyramid, Flask for developing web applications. Python comes with useful libraries that makes it more suitable for development.

2. Game Development – Python comes with many useful libraries that make it handy for interactive game development. PySoy and PyGame are two Python-based libraries used widely for game development.

Battlefield 2 game is developed in Python.

3. Scientific and Numeric Computation – Python provides the base for applications that deal with computation and scientific data processing.

SciPy , Pandas , NumPy , Scikit-learn are some libraries that are used for numeric computation and scientific purpose.

4. Business Applications – Business applications requires extensively, scalability and readability, and Python provides all these features.Oddo and Tryton are examples for Python business applications.

5. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – Because of simplicity, consistency, platform independence, resourceful libraries, and large community , python is perfect tool for developing AI and ML applications.

6. Image Processing – Python have many libraries that are used to work with the image. images can be manipulated such as scale , skew , crop etc.

OpenCV , Pillow libraries are used for image processing.

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